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Non-woven mask is by professional within the fiber non-woven fabric for medical and health care two layer, increase a layer of 

filtering anti bacteria among reach more than 99.999% of the filtered solution spray cloth by the ultrasonic welding and become, 

non-woven mask nose treated with environmental protection article all plastic, do not contain any metal, match through steam, 

comfortable. Bridge of the nose clamp design can be adjusted according to different face do most comfortable. Non-woven masks 

are widely used in the electronic manufacturing, dust-free workshop,catering services, schools, ride motorcycles, spray processing,

 stamping metal, institutes, hand processing, hospitals, beauty, factories, clean environment, public places such as a variety of 

purposes. Non-woven mask: the nature of structures: a total of three layers, two layers of non-woven

 fabric, a layer of filter paper, ears hanging or fasten belt, with aluminum bridge, no particles ultrasonic sealing edge, wear 

comfortable. Color: blue, green, white. Material: 17 g face cloth, filter paper 20 g, 30 g, size 17.5 CM * 9 CM, 17.5 CM * 9.5 CM, 18

 CM * 9 CM, 18.5 CM * 9.5 CM application: disposable cleanroom mask, anti bacteria effect is good.