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 Manufacturers of non-woven bags use automatic machines for production. This process requires the use of different types of machines. The non-woven shopping bag production line follows strict requirements to meet high quality standards. Depending on the type of non-woven shopping bag to be produced, there is an important system being followed. We noticed some basic processes that most non-woven bags are going through.

The first process is a slitter or commonly referred to as a slitter rewinder. This machine is basically a machine that cuts the nonwoven fabric from the larger main roll to make a smaller roll of fabric. This machine can efficiently produce a large number of small rolls in the shortest time. This machine basically consists of a razor blade and different types of knives for its cutting purpose.

The second process is the printer. The Good quality SSS nonwoven fabric machine in China process is to apply the required colors and patterns on the non-woven fabric. Non-woven shopping bags usually have different colors and styles, so at this stage, you will be able to decide which ordinary color is printed on the fabric. Sometimes it is combined with dyeing. Common colors are usually black, green or even orange.

This is also the best time to print the company logo on the fiber. If you need a large number of non-woven shopping bags, it is recommended to print on the fiber before cutting or exporting non-woven shopping bags.

The third is an automatic non-woven bag making machine. This is the most important part of the process, because at this stage you will be able to see the finished product. In this machine, what happens is that the exact size of the non-woven shopping bag is measured and cut to the desired size. After that, it undergoes a folding process, in which it forms the body and flips each side of the bag to form a complete liner. The device has a computer touch screen, where the operator can operate the number bag produced. It also has automatic counting and automatic punching functions.

The last part of the process is an ultrasonic handle sewing machine. A small strip of non-woven fabric will pass through this sewing machine for better lining. After that, cut it to the required handle length. After cutting it into small pieces, it will go through the sealing process to make it completely fit the upper part of the non-woven shopping bag. The machine requires two people to operate the process. The other will hold the body, then the other will place the handle.

The above is an overview of the system in the manufacture of non-woven shopping bags.