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SMMS nonwoven fabric machine

Supply Ability: 4 SETS/month
Port: Shanghai
Voltage: 380V
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Supply Ability4 SETS/month
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others


Voltage:380V    Power(W):1200-2000KW    Main motor brand:SIEMENS

Frequency Converter:SIEMENS,ABB,FUJI  Machine Speed:10-400m/min

Effective width:1600mm,2400mm,3200mm  Dimension(L*W*H):45M*28M*12M       

Raw material:PP Chips                   Final products:Non Woven Fabric

Spunbon Filament denier:1.8-2.3denier      MELTBLOWN Filament denier:1.6~4μm         

MFI 25-40 FOR SPUNBOND             MFI 800~1600 FOR MEL TBLOWN

Machine Color:Cool Gray 3C             Supply Ability:4 Sets per Month                      

Packaging Details:wooden box package     Port:Shanghai                             

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China           Condition:New                           

Automatic Grade:Automatic     

Brand Name:HH Nonwovens Machinery          Certification:CE,ISO

Weight:120-150ton                            Warranty:1 Year

Application of the PP spunbond nonwoven fabric machine

PP spunbond nonwoven fabric machine is used to produce pp spunbond nonwoven fabric.With slitter in our machine,the fabric can be cut into any width to fit different requirement.Machine running speed is 10-350m/min,filament denier:1.8-2.3denier

Use CNC to produce main parts of the pp spunbond nonwoven machine.Machine roller use dynamic balance machine to produce the rollers so as to make machine running in high speed.Main motors use Siemens motor,and use Siemens or ABB driver to control the whole machine.

After-sales Service Provided:

Video technical support, Online support, Field installation, commissioning and training, Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Pp spunbond nonwoven fabric usage:

Nonwoven hygiene products

Baby and adult diapers: Top sheets, back sheets, ears, tapes, landing zone

Female hygiene: Top sheets, wings

Cleaning wipes: Baby care, cosmetics, etc.

Nonwoven medical products

Surgeon's masks,Disposable garments,Surgical drapes,Shoe covers

Nonwoven furniture products

Beds: Pocket springs, mattresses, cushions, bed covers, disposal bedding

Seating:Upholstered backs,sub-paneling, intermediate layers, etc.

Nonwoven technical products

Geotextiles: Erosion protection, filtration, reinforcement, drainage, separation layers, embankment fortification etc. for streets, dikes, and farms

Structural engineering: Bitumen supports, roof insulation sheeting, diaphragms

Agriculture: Crop forcing nonwovens, insect protection, etc.

Automotive: Inner paneling, sound insulation, insulation, etc.

Nonwoven packaging products

Shopping bags,Rice packaging,Tea bags ,Clothes packaging

SMMS fabric

Nonwoven hygiene products

 Baby and adult diapers

Nonwoven medical products

 Surgeon's masks,Surgical drapes,Combinations with other nonwovens,Paper composites

Work protection

 Protective clothing,Breathing masks  

Melt blown fabric

Sanitary products

 Baby and child hygiene, Female hygiene,Incontinence products,Pads,Absorbing pads

 Functional inserts for controlled absorption


 Absorbent cloths and wiping cloths, Media for oil absorption,Liquids (benzene, water, blood)


 Gas,Air,Liquids (benzene, water, blood)

Feature of pp spunbond nonwoven machine

1.Material:PP chip
2.Weight range:10-100g/m2
3.Fabric usage:Medical applicant,shopping bag,packing,operation suit,face mask,baby diaper.etc

A.General information for SMMS nonwoven plant







Effective Width






Weight Range






Output per Day






Machine Speed






Transformer Capacity






Power Consumption






Machine Size(L*W*H)







B.Parts of spunbonded nonwoven fabric production line:
Recycle extruder---->Main extruder---->Filter---->Metering pump---->
Monomer suction device--->Spinning box(ENKA/KASEN spinneret)---->
Quenching air chamber---->Stretching device---->Web former---->

C.Spunbonded process and technical flow chart:
Additive(Recycling off-cut fabric)---->Raw material----> Melting---->
Filtering---->Measuring ---->Spinning---->Cooling---->Stretching---->
Web forming---->Calendering---->Winding----> Cutting---->Final product

D.Parts of Melt blown nonwoven fabric production line:
Main extruder---->Filter---->Metering pump---->Air heating system---->
Melt blown sprayer(ENKA sprayer)---->Web former---->Winder---->Slitter

E.Melt blown process and technical flow chart:
Raw material----> Melting---->Filtering---->Measuring ---->Air heating---->
Spraying---->Web forming---->Winding----> Cutting---->Final product

Name: Vacuum feeder and dosing system

Brand: HH SMMS type
Original: China
Inhale PP material from stock bin to the hopper. then mix PP, and additives as color master batch,antioxidant,fire retardant with certain ratio

Name: Recycle Extruder

Brand: HH SMMS type
Original: China
Recycle fabric offcut and pass it to main extruder

Name: Main Extruder

Brand: HH SMMS type
Original: China
Squeeze and melt PP, and additives as color master batch,antioxidant,fire retardant .

Name: Filter

Brand: HH SMMS type
Original: China
Get away impurity from pp material fusant.And the filter can change the filter screen without stopping the machine.

Name: Metering pump

Brand: HH SMMS type
Original: China
Offer stable pressure to the pp material and press material to the spinning box.

Name:Spinning box

Brand: HH SMMS type
Original: China
The PP fusant go through filter,fusant pipe,and metering pump transport the fusant into spinning container and fiber comes out from spinneret.

Name:Air heating system

Brand:HH SMMS type
Original: China
Air heating system offer high pressure and high temperature air to the melt blown spinning box

Name: Stretching machine

Brand: HH SMMS type
Original: China
The distance of the two mirror inside the up stretching machine can be adjusted.
Everyone machine from HH has a logo on the down stretcher.

Name:Melt blown spinning box

Original: Germany/Japan
The PP fusant go through filter,fusant pipe,and metering pump transport the fusant into melt blown spinning box and short fiber spray to web conveyor belt or to spunbond fabric.

Name: Web former machine 

Brand: HH SMMS type
Original: China
Web adjusting system use motor to control.
Pre-roller use oil heating rather than electrical heating rod.
Use special design on the air passage of web former machine.

Name: Calender

Brand: HH SMMS type
Original: China
Normally have two rollers,up roller is embossing roller,down roller is mirror roller.They press and heat the fiber from web former and make these fiber to be fabric.

Name: Winder

Brand:HH SMMS type
Original: China
Use air shaft winding fabric from calender and when reaching certain number been set in system.Winder can change the fabric roller automatically.

Name: Slitter

Brand: HH SMMS type
Original: China
Slitter have the unwinding and rewinding parts,the knives on the slitter can cut the fabric into certain width according to customers’ requirement.

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